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AlochanaamR^itaM The Danger of Morality The man who remains bound by personal or social ideas of duty, necessary as they are for the ignorant to tame their clamorous desires, will be indeed a "good" man, but he will never attain to the fulfilment of this yoga [taught in the Gita]. He will only replace the desire for one kind of fruit by the desire for another kind; he will strive, even more passionately perhaps, for these higher results and be more bitterly grieved by not attaining them.

There is no passion so terrible as the passion of the altruist, no egoism so hard to shake as the fixed egoism of virtue, precisely because it is justified in its own eyes and justified in the sight of men and cannot see the necessity for yielding to a higher law. Even if there is no grieving over the results, there will be the labour and strife of the rajasic kartA¢, struggling nd fighting, getting eager and getting exhausted, not trigunA¢tI®ta, always under bondage to the gunas.

It was under the domination of these ideas of personal virtue and social duty that Arjuna refused to fight.

- Sri Aurobindo (Yoga and its Objects)

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telugu purANAlu pravachanAlu sAhityaM toli velugulu
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Assorted Telugu Film Songs (realaudio)

Here are some of the telugu film songs I liked at some point in time. But I don't like some of them now. It's unlikely I'll add more to this website :-)

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play, rm play, mp3 EruvAka sAgarO
play, rm play, mp3 madhura muraLi
play, rm play, mp3 nagumOmu (bhAnumati)
play, rm play, mp3 repalle maLLI muraLi vinnadi
play, rm play, mp3 vayyAri gOdAramma
play, rm play, mp3 abba nI tiyyani debba
play, rm play, mp3 priyatama
play, rm play, mp3 sundari nIvu
play, rm play, mp3 kIravANi
play, rm play, mp3 manchu kurise vELalO
play, rm play, mp3 chhamaku chhamaku chhAm
play, rm play, mp3 tolisAri mimmalni chUsindi modalu
play, rm play, mp3 siitaakOka chiluka songs
play, rm play, mp3 ghallu ghalluna (nIrAjanam)
play, rm play, mp3 chaltI kA nAm gADI (cheTTu kinda pleader)
play, rm play, mp3 yamahO nI yama yama andam
play, rm play, mp3 kOlO kOlamma

- Sarada and Sai Susarla (