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AlochanaamR^itaM Man's Quest and Hinduism Brahmajnana, Yoga and Dharma are the three essentialities of Hinduism; wherever it travels, these three must spread. Shankara's philosophy may compel the homage of the intellectual, Sankhya attract the admiration of the analytical mind, Buddha capture the rationalist in search of a less material synthesis than the modern scientist's continual Annam Brahma [Matter is Supreme], but these are only grandiose intellectualities. The world at large does not live by the pure intellect...

A goal of life, a practice of perfection and a rational, yet binding law of conduct, - these are man's continual quest, and in none of these demands is modern Science able to satisfy humanity. In reply to all such wants Science can only cry, Society and again Society and always Society. But the nature of man knows that Society is not the whole of life. Yajnavalkya's universal dictum stands: a man loves and serves Society for the sake of the Self and not for the sake of Society.

What Science could not provide, India offers
: Brahman for the eternal goal, Yoga for the means of perfection, dharma (swabhava-niyatam karma) for the rational yet binding law of conduct. Therefore, because it has something by which humanity can be satisfied and on which it can found itself, the victory of the Indian mind is assured.

- Sri Aurobindo (Excerpts from The Psychology of Yoga, from his notebook of 1911).

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Assorted Telugu Film Songs (realaudio)

Here are some of the telugu film songs I liked at some point in time. But I don't like some of them now. It's unlikely I'll add more to this website :-)

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play, rm play, mp3 EruvAka sAgarO
play, rm play, mp3 madhura muraLi
play, rm play, mp3 nagumOmu (bhAnumati)
play, rm play, mp3 repalle maLLI muraLi vinnadi
play, rm play, mp3 vayyAri gOdAramma
play, rm play, mp3 abba nI tiyyani debba
play, rm play, mp3 priyatama
play, rm play, mp3 sundari nIvu
play, rm play, mp3 kIravANi
play, rm play, mp3 manchu kurise vELalO
play, rm play, mp3 chhamaku chhamaku chhAm
play, rm play, mp3 tolisAri mimmalni chUsindi modalu
play, rm play, mp3 siitaakOka chiluka songs
play, rm play, mp3 ghallu ghalluna (nIrAjanam)
play, rm play, mp3 chaltI kA nAm gADI (cheTTu kinda pleader)
play, rm play, mp3 yamahO nI yama yama andam
play, rm play, mp3 kOlO kOlamma

- Sarada and Sai Susarla (