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AlochanaamR^itaM India's real mission People care nothing about the spiritual basis of life which is India's real mission and the only possible source of her greatness, or give it only a slight, secondary or incidental value, a something that has to be stuck on as a sentiment or a bit of colouring matter. Our whole principle is different.

- Sri Aurobindo

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Tyagaraja's utsava sampradaya kirtanas (realaudio)

Select rm Select mp3 Title Raaga Taala
play, rm play, mp3 hechcharika gaa raara
play, rm play, mp3 melukovayya mammeluko bauli jhampe
play, rm play, mp3 nagumomu galavaani madhyamAvati Adi
play, rm play, mp3 kShiira saagara vihaara
play, rm play, mp3 mallepoola paanpu miida
play, rm play, mp3 meluko dayaanidhi
play, rm play, mp3 naapaali Srii raama
play, rm play, mp3 raama Srii raama laali
play, rm play, mp3 siitaa kalyaaNa vaibhogame
play, rm play, mp3 Sobhane
play, rm play, mp3 uyyaalaloogavayyaa

- Sarada and Sai Susarla (