priya mitrANi
(Dear Friends),
Due to the high audio streaming traffic that the website gets, we are hosting it at a web-hosting service, paying a recurring monthly rent of 10 U.S $/month.

We provide two major websites with this cost: and the Sanskrit Documents Website that provides numerous stotras and literary works in Sanskrit online (managed by my friend, Sri Nandu).

However, to make these valuable web resources self-sustaining, we need your help. Here are some options:

1) Paid Web-Hosting: We continue to pay for a web-hosting service incurring monthly cost with periodic monetary contributions from fellow rasikas like you. Your money will be used to pay for some of our Internet hosting costs (for surasa as well as Sanskrit Documents website), to procure more content, or to support artists and telugu/sanskrit language pundits.

Let us pool our limited resources to affordably sustain our favorite source of enrichment. Consider this: a contribution of, say, U.S. $10/year (less than a movie's cost) by 10 people is enough to support two valuable repositories of rasa and jnAna for a year.

2) We could start putting advertisements on the website. But we want to avoid this option to the extent possible, as it will destroy the website's serene ambience.

If you would like to help us, please send email.

Donation Methods

Online Payment Method: For your convenience, You can send us money securely through PayPal by clicking on the button below.
You can send money directly from your checking account or with a credit card. This is the payment method we prefer, since we can avoid a a trip to the bank to deposit personal cheques :-)

Personal Cheque Method: If you're uncomfortable with the above option, you can send a personal cheque in U.S. dollars in the name of my friend Nandu (since he pays to the ISP) mentioning "Donation for" in the memo. Write to for the postal address. After you post the cheque to Nandu, please send us email. so we can acknowledge receipt of your cheque.

Thank you for your support.
- Sarada and Sai Susarla.

- Sarada and Sai Susarla (