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AlochanaamR^itaM The Morality of Boycott

A certain class of minds shrink from aggressiveness as if it were a sin. Their temperament forbids them to feel the delight of battle and they look on what they cannot understand as something monstrous and sinful... To ask masses of mankind to act as saints, to rise to the height of divine love and practise it in relation to their adversaries or oppressors is to ignore human nature... Hinduism recognizes human nature and makes no such impossible demand. To impose on politics the Brahminical duty of saintly sufferance, is to preach varNasankara, and to destroy society and the race.
Aggression is unjust only when unprovoked, violence unrighteous when used wantonly or for unrighteous ends.
It is a barren philosophy which applies a mechanical rule to all actions, or takes a word [non-violence] and tries to fit all human life into it... Ramdas is not complete without Shivaji. To maintain justice and prevent the strong from despoiling and the weak from being oppressed is the function for which the Kshatriya was created. Therefore, says Srikrishna in the Mahabharat, God created battle and armour, the sword, the bow and the dagger.
- Sri Aurobindo (On Nationalism, pp.  360-364)
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Tyagaraja kirtanas (realaudio)

A plea to rasikas


M. Balamurali Krishna
M. Balamurali Krishna: Tyagaraja Tattvabodha kritis
Doraiswami Iyengar (Veena)
K. J. Yesudas
An archive of tyAgarAja kR^itis

M. Balamurali Krishna (Vocal)

Select rm Select mp3 Title Raaga Taala
tulasIdaLamulachE mAyAmALavagauLa rUpakam
evarani nirNayinchEdirA dEvAmR^itavarShiNi deSAdi
rArA mAyinTi dAkA asAveri Adi
toli nEnu chEyu pUja kOkila varALi Adi
EmichEsitEnEmi - AlApana tODi -
EmichEsitEnEmi tODi chApu
rAgasudhArasa - AlApana AndOLika -
rAgasudhArasa AndOLika Adi
evarimATa - AlApana kAmbhOji -
evarimATa kAmbhOji Adi
kAlaharaNamElarA - AlApana Suddha sAvEri -
kAlaharaNamElarA Suddha sAvEri rUpakam
paralOka - AlApana mandAri -
paralOka mandAri Adi
varanArada vijayaSrI Adi
varanArada vijayaSrI Adi
niravadhi sukhadA ravi chandrika AlApana
niravadhi sukhadA ravi chandrika Adi

M. Balamurali Krishna: Tyagaraja Tattvabodha Kritis

Select rm Select mp3 Title Raaga Taala
manasu svAdhIna SankarAbharaNam miSra chApu
rAnidi rAdu - AlApana maNirangu -
rAnidi rAdu maNirangu Adi
yaj~nAdulu - AlApana jayamanohari -
yaj~nAdulu jayamanohari Adi
samayamu telisi - AlApana asAveri -
samayamu telisi asAveri miSra chApu
paramAtmuDu - AlApana vAgadhISvari -
paramAtmuDu vAgadhISvari Adi

Doraiswami Iyengar (Veena) D. Balakrishna (Veena support)
Vellore Ramabhadran (Mridangam)

Select rm Select mp3 Title Raaga Taala
vAchAmagOcharamE kaikavaSi deSAdi
nAdOpAsana begaDa deSAdi
padavi nI sadbhakti sALaga bhairavi Adi
rAga ratna mAlikachE rItigaula rUpakam
ii vasudha SahAna Adi

K. J. Yesudas (Vocal)

Select rm Select mp3 Title Raaga Taala
abhimAnamennaDu galgurA kunjari/vivardhini Adi

A plea to rasikas

One of my cherished goals for putting up this website is to collect and make available online some of those old (pre-1975) concerts by stalwarts which are so precious and rare to obtain. They are all locked up in the private music collections of a few individuals, who are not willing to share them with others for fear of loss.

That's precisely where the Internet helps, isn't it, to house music in an indestructible but widely shareable form?

Hence I request rasikas to come forward and share with me copies of those rare concerts so I can put them online to give everybody an oppurtunity to share the sangItAmR^itaM ! You'll be duly recognized on the website for your contribution. And rest assured that it will not be used for profit.

For starters, I am looking for the following:

I am especially looking for any clear and well-pronounced renditions of rare tyAgarAja kR^itis.

I am NOT interested in hosting contemporary artists' works on my website as there are umpteen other sites for that (e.g.,

If you have anything interesting, please email to .

Transfer methods

You can send your collection to me in several ways: I'll put them on my website for everybody's benefit soon after receiving them.

- Sarada and Sai Susarla (