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AlochanaamR^itaM Shakti Lacking in India I believe that the main cause of India's weakness is not subjection, nor poverty, nor a lack of spirituality or Dharma, but a dimnution of thought-power, the spread of ignorance in the motherland of Knowledge. Everywhere I see an inability or unwillingness to think - incapacity of thought or "thought-phobia"... It is the one who can fathom and learn the truth of the world by thinking more, searching more, labouring more, who will gain more Shakti.... Look at Europe.
We, however, are not worshippers of Shakti; we are worshippers of the easy way... Our civilization has become ossified, our Dharma a bigotry of externals, our spirituality a faint glimmer of light or a momentary wave of intoxication. So long as this state of things lasts, any permanent resurgence of India is impossible.

We have abandoned the Sadhana of Shakti and so the Shakti has abandoned us. We practise the yoga of love, but where there is no Knowledge or Shakti, love does not stay, narrowness and littleness come in.

- Sri Aurobindo (India's Rebirth, pp. 152)

sa.ngItaM karNATaka hindusthaani lalita (telugu)
telugu purANAlu pravachanAlu sAhityaM toli velugulu
Miscellaneous Articles telugu Recipes sa.nskR^itaM digvijayii bhaarata (blog) padya kaumudi (blog)

gIrvANa priyAH! susvAgatam! (Sanskrit Lovers! Welcome!)

This webpage gives you a feel for sanskrit as a spoken language. Here we present a collection of audio renderings of simple spoken sanskrit in the form of short stories, speeches and other literature by various people for your listening pleasure.

In general, people are accustomed to hearing sanskrit only in Hindu devotional hymns (stotras). This webpage attempts to present another side of spoken sanskrit.

If you have any recordings of sanskrit in spoken form (anything other than stotras and devotional songs), or are willing to read out interesting articles/stories and record them, please let me know.

We inaugurate this webpage on the auspicious occasion of makara sankranti, Jan 14, 2002.


Name Vakta
Samskrita Bharati 'Haimavati' Sibira udghaaTanopanyaasaH Prof. Vempati Kutumba Sastry
abhij~naana Saakuntalam: samskR^ita prasangam Prof. Vempati Kutumba Sastry
Pujaa vidhi: The Vedic method of worship and its meaning Sri Udaya Bhaskara Deekshit Parasaram (Priest in Seattle Temple USA)
AIR recording of a Samskrita prasangam
Sanskrit Short Stories

NEW! Scholarly Samskrit Lectures
NEW! Invited Talks by Samskrit Experts
Sanskrit Speeches by Samskrita Bharati
Sanskrit Speeches and Lectures by Prof. Vempati Kutumba Sastry

Samskrita Bharati 'Haimavati' Sibira udghaaTanopanyaasaH

Vakta: Prof. Vempati Kutumba Sastry
Year: july 1, 2006

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Sibira udghaaTanopanyaasa in Sanskrit Prof. Vempati Kutumba Sastry

abhij~naana Saakuntalam: samskR^ita prasangam

Vakta: Prof. Vempati Kutumba Sastry
Year: july 3, 2006
Notes: These speeches were delivered at a Samskrita Bharati camp organized at Pt. Bonita near San Francisco CA, USA during July 1-4, 2006. These talks were delivered to students of spoken sanskrit at the camp, and are very informal in nature. As such, they must not be construed as official opinions of his organization. Their recording was not done professionally, and may be rough in some places. Please enjoy their informal nature.

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Pujaa vidhi: The Vedic method of worship and its meaning

Vakta: Sri Udaya Bhaskara Deekshit Parasaram (Priest in Seattle Temple USA)
Year: july 2, 2006
Notes: Sri Parasaram Udaya Bhaskara Dikshit is a sanskrit scholar based in Seattle WA, USA. Sri Dikshit is strong in both sanskrit language, its literature as well as Vedic rituals. He is currently a priest at a temple in Seattle WA. He regularly teaches spoken sanskrit as well as Veda-chanting. He was one of the senior instructors at Samskrita Bharati's Haimavati spoken-sanskrit camp at Pt. Bonita (near SFO), CA USA during July 1-4, 2006. Here are some of the lectures delivered by him during the camp.
The periodic whirring noise is due to the recording device iRiver's hard disk turning on and off.

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puujaa vidhi: The Vedic method of worship and its meaning

AIR recording of a Samskrita prasangam

Notes: This is a broadcast of AIR Hyd entitled raamyanam: bhaarata jiivana darshanam in sanskrit, meaning Ramayana is the mirror of (ideal) Indian Living.

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rAmAyaNaM bhArata jIvana darSanaM: samskR^ita prasangam ?

Sanskrit Short Stories

Notes: Many of these are chosen from stories published in sanskrit magazines such as Sanskrit Chandamama and sambhAShaNa sandeSaH published by Samskrita Bharati.

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nAsikA nAsAbharaNam cha Chandamama Sarada Susarla
Story of ruru and pramadvara - premNaH vijayaH Chandamama Sarada Susarla
govindasya syUtaH Chandamama Sarada Susarla
kAkasya upAyaH Panchatantra Sarada Susarla
upAyena Sakyam sarvam Panchatantra Sarada Susarla
naShTaH piShTa-ghaTaH Panchatantra Sarada Susarla
vanchakaH bakaH Panchatantra Sarada Susarla

- Sarada and Sai Susarla (